May 1, 2020

Zoom is Quick & comfortable

By kushal

Be it an office meeting or the group chat, Zoom has beaten its competitors like Webex, Bluejeans, GoToMeeting, Skype, Microsoft Teams Adobe Connect.

It is absolutely easy

That’s the first thing in the world. Though mired with controversy because of it’s simplicity and thereby privacy, for a common man it’s just not scary. Joining by a link to start a meeting makes is absolutely simple and easy.

The quality of the video is best

Nothing compares to its quality of the video and the connectivity. There is no lag in the video, no sound lag and there are no breaks. Thus in challenging atmosphere with low network connectivity and bandwidth it is best suited.

The presentation through iPhone

It allows Airplay connection to display the mobile in the screen presentation. This is fantastic for making seem fewer presentations for tech companies. I have not seen any other provider with this feature (as on writing this blog).

Zoom has become the benchmark which others are trying to cope with

Personal Meeting ID

Having Personal meeting ID is cool. You simply share your personal meeting ID, in my case I have kept my mobile phone number. This makes it convenient to put it under your signature.


In the times of COVID-19 crisis, Zoom is the one which did small things right to beat the competition. Others are struggling to be zoomed by taking cues from its features. By the time, everybody jumps on the bandwagon, Zoom would have zoomed way ahead and become the Whatsapp of the common man.