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Book Reading
Book Reading in dark

During daytime when you are doing most of the talking, listening to audio books gives you one last chance to listen…

AirPods and Audible are the best choices for senior Government Officers who have very less time to read. Now they can listen to audio books with AirPods.

There were times when opening a book at the end of the day was a rarity. Everything needs to wait till weekends. Late night book reading meant that there will be bright light which was bound to be objected by companions. Reading then, used to be embarrassing, strenuous and required seclusion. Then came the Kindle.

Kindle 6 inches

Kindle made sure that I was able to carry 1000’s of the books and read at convenience. But then, I am talking about my busy life in Government. At the end of the day, reading Kindle books were as good or as bad as reading the physical book. It kept on emitting light and those who are sleeping beside, will still complain.

Introduction to Audible

Then I was introduced to Audiobooks, specifically Audible. Read here How Audiobooks Make You Smarter: 7 Little Known Ways Audio Books Can Boost Memory Capacity And Increase Intelligence (Entrepreneur Intelligence, Audible Audiobooks, Kindle Audiobooks).

Audible was non-intrusive & Personal. It made me easily spend hours listening to my favourite books. Indeed books are costly but they seem to fit my bill. The only problem was you cannot listen on home speakers, because it will introduce another person speaking at home instead of your wife.

The only option then was headphones. But wired headphones are clumsy and difficult to manage especially while in bed. You can’t even go to sleep with wires around, feels creepy. The choice then comes to wireless headphones. They are clean, no need of wires and you can make a timer on the Audible so that it automatically stops once you fall asleep.

AirPods and Audible

But the problem with various wireless headphones is that they are protruding and you cannot sleep sideways as it hurts in the ear while your face is pressed against the pillow. I tried Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones but as you will read the reviews, they are big and bulky. Of course, they are best for sports activity but cannot be replaced for normal hearing especially while you are in bed sideways.

SoundSport Free wireless headphones
SoundSport Free wireless headphones

Similarly, I tried Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports by Sony. They are very nice and sturdy and for the first time wireless noise cancellation headphones in this segment. The sound and versatility are better than Bose sports headphone. But again they are bulky and uncomfortable while listening to audible during sleep time. Then I saw the toothbrush styled headphones from Apple called AirPods.. They are small and beautiful.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports
Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports


The best part with AirPods is that they do not put any pain while you are sleeping and listening to Audible. Even if one of the airpods falls over at night, in the morning with Find my iPhone feature, you can make a sound and the ear buds will make a loud sound for you to easily find it out.

Apple Airpods
AirPods by Apple

In the end, I could safely say that AirPods and Audible- ubiquitous choice for those who are busy in a day and can only spare very less time reading books. Now you can get back to book reading while you are falling asleep. Here is the link to Airpods and the link to Audible. The audible is so good that it should have been part of my blog entry here

AirPods and Audible
AirPods and Audible

Let me know which one do you use. Have you shifted to listening to Books? And have you tried AirPods and Audible?

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